Yamin Israel (Right of Israel, in Hebrew; Sometimes spelled Yemin Israel)

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YAMIN ISRAEL (Right of Israel, in Hebrew; sometimes spelled Yemin Israel)

Israeli political group of the extreme right, a splinter from Moledet, founded in November 1995 by Shaul Gutmann. It calls itself a party, but was disqualified from registering as a party by the Israeli Supreme Court because its stated principles would violate the democratic rights of non-Jewish citizens and perhaps incite racism. Presently it is attempting to create an "incorporated front" of extraparliamentary nationalist groups.

Yamin Israel believes that the essence of Israel as a Jewish state must be the nation's paramount principle, and that therefore an oath to this effect should be a prerequisite for participating in elections or holding public office. It also advocates adoption of a new constitution, including reforms proposed by the Foundation for Constitutional Democracy and supported by other parties, but going further to integrate them into a "comprehensive system based on Jewish ideas and values." It believes the right of Jews to settle throughout Palestine is absolute and that the presence of non-Jews is undesirable. In addition, it favors a market economy and privatization of national resources and assets. In 2004, Paul Eidelberg is the president of Yamin Israel; other current leaders include Eleonora Shifrin, Felix-Azriel Kochubievsky, Victoria Vexelman, Shlomo Markov, Yaakov Segal, Israel Hanukoglu, Konstantin Danovich, Miriam Adahan, Yrachmiel Elias, and Ya'akov Golbert.