Lebanese Front (LF)

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An alliance of several right-wing Christian parties and prominent individuals established in 1976. Members included the Lebanese Phalange Party of Pierre Jumayyil, the National Liberal Party of former president Camille Chamoun, the Guardians of Cedars and several smaller groups, as well as former president Sulayman Franjiyya. It was dominated by Jumayyil and the Phalange. The front created a militia called the Lebanese Forces (LF), commanded by Bashir Jumayyil, son of Pierre. Franjiyya left the front in 1978 over the collaboration of Jumayyil and Chamoun with the Israelis, who had invaded Lebanon in March. The alliance distintegrated after that and the Lebanese Forces were thereafter primarily an arm of the Phalange. In June 1978 Bashir Jumayyil had Tony Franjiyya, son of Sulayman, killed along with his family.

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