Cohen, Ge?ula (1925–)

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COHEN, GEʾULA (1925–)

Israeli politician and former LEHI radio announcer. A leading figure in the radio broadcasts of Lohamei Herut Yisrael (LEHI), Cohen was one of nineteen LEHI members arrested when the British seized LEHI's radio transmitter on 19 February 1946 as part of a campaign against Jewish terrorist groups. Though sentenced to nineteen years in prison, she escaped and resumed illegal broadcasts. Her work as a journalist in Israel included advocacy for Soviet Jewry. In 1970 Cohen joined the Likud Party. She was elected to the Knesset in 1973, serving through 1992, first as a member of Likud and then as a member of the Tehiya, a party that she helped found. After Tehiya's defeat in the 1992 elections, she rejoined Likud. She has been a prominent opponent to the Israeli-Egyptian peace agreement and is associated with the ideology of a Greater Israel. Cohen received the Israel Prize in 2001.