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vascular bundle (fascicle) A long continuous strand of conducting (vascular) tissue in tracheophyte plants that extends from the roots through the stem and into the leaves. It consists of xylem and phloem, which are separated by a cambium in plants that undergo secondary thickening. See vascular tissue.

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vascular bundle Strand of conductive tissue that transports water and dissolved mineral salts and nutrients in a vascular plant. They extend from the roots, through the stem, and out to the leaves. They consist of two types of tissue: xylem, which conducts water from the roots to the shoot and is located towards the centre of the bundle; and phloem, which conducts salts and nutrients and forms the outer regions of the bundle.

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vascular bundle A discrete, longitudinal strand that consists principally of vascular tissue (xylem and phloem). Groups of these form a continuous conductive system throughout the plant along which water and soluble nutrients pass. This vascular system also contributes to the structure support of the plant.

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