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views updated

Shiner ★★½ 2000

Caine delivers the goods as a small-time boxing promo ter from London's East End on the brink of hitting it big. As Billy “Shiner” Simpson, Caine preps his son Eddie for a highpro file, possibly careermaking match against an American. The match has disaster writ ten all over it early on, however, when Bil ly's daughter interrupts to bring up some past legal problems, Eddie doesn't perform as expected, and murder, betrayal, and doublecrosses rear their ugly heads. A showcase for Caine's talents, unfortunatly, the story around him loses it's luster after a solid first half turns disappointing. Borrows liberally from Shakespeare's “King Lear.” 99m/C VHS, DVD . GB Michael Caine, Martin Landau, Matthew Marsden, Frances Barber, Frank Harper, Andy Serkis, Claire Rushbrook, Danny (Daniel) Webb, Kenneth Cranham, David Kennedy, Peter Wight, Nicola Walker; D: John Irvin; W: Scott Cherry; C: Mike Molloy; M: Paul Grabowsky.

views updated

shin·er / ˈshīnər/ • n. 1. a thing that shines or reflects light. ∎  [in comb.] a person or thing that polishes something: shoeshiners. 2. inf. a black eye. 3. a small silvery North American freshwater fish (Notropis and other genera) of the minnow family that typically has colorful markings.

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