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Terre Haute (tĕr´ə hōt, tĕr´ē hŭt), city (1990 pop. 51,483), seat of Vigo co., W Ind., on the Wabash River; inc. 1816. The commercial and trade center of a farm and coal-mining region, its diverse manufactures include foods and beverages, paper and aluminum products, farm and communications equipment, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, railroad ties, concrete, paint, plastics, consumer goods, and machinery. Founded (1811) as Fort Harrison, it grew as a river town. Eugene Debs and Theodore Dreiser were born there, and a park is dedicated to the memory of the songwriter Paul Dresser (Dreiser's brother). Points of interest include the Debs home, the Children's Science and Technology Museum, and the Vigo County Historical Museum. Terre Haute is the seat of Indiana State Univ. and the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. Nearby are St. Mary-of-the-Woods College and a federal correctional complex.

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