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Bexley, outer borough (1991 pop. 211,200) of Greater London, SE England. Bexley has many parks and open areas. Within the borough, Erith and Crayford are industrial centers. There are engineering and chemical works, oil and resin refineries, flour and seed-crushing mills, and cloth printshops. Factories additionally produce electrical equipment, building materials, cable, paper products, plywood, and plastics. Erith is also a yachting resort. Parts of the borough have histories more than 1,000 years old. Several ancient churches remain. Viscount Castlereagh (1769–1822) lived at Crayford.

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Bexley, city (1990 pop. 13,088), Franklin co., central Ohio; inc. 1908. It is a residential community completely within the confines of Columbus.