Arches National Park

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Arches National Park, 76,519 acres (30,979 hectares), E Utah; est. as a national monument 1929, designated a national park 1971. Located in red-rock country and overlooking the gorge of the Colorado River, this area contains a vast and unusual array of natural rock formations. Water, frost, and wind have carved giant but graceful arches, windows, spires, and pinnacles. See National Parks and Monuments (table).

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Arches National Park Region in se Utah, USA, overlooking Colorado River Gorge. It was authorized in 1929. The region includes unusual giant sandstone arches, windows, pinnacles and spires. A landscape arch forms a natural bridge more than 30m (100ft) high and 89m (290ft) long. Area: 33,596ha (82,953acres).

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