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Árta (är´tə), formerly Ambracia (ămbrā´shə), city (1991 pop. 21,286), capital of Árta prefecture, W Greece, in Epirus, near the mouth of the Arachtus River. It is a trading and shipping center for agricultural goods including cotton, grain, citrus fruits, almonds, and olives. There is a large fishing industry, and leather goods and cotton and woolen textiles are manufactured. Known as Ambracia, the city was founded (7th cent. BC) by Corinthian colonists. It was ceded in 294 BC by Macedon to Pyrrhus, who made it the capital of Epirus. It was conquered by Rome in 189 BC

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c(h)artulary (hist.) place where records are kept; collection or register of records. XVI. — medL. c(h)artulārium, f. c(h)artula, dim. of c(h)arta paper; see CHART, CHARTER, and -ARY.