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hors·ey / ˈhôrsē/ (also hors·y) • adj. (hors·i·er , hors·i·est ) 1. of or resembling a horse: wide eyes and big, horsey teeth. 2. concerned with or devoted to horses or horse racing: the horsey fraternity. DERIVATIVES: hors·i·ly / ˈhôrsəlē/ adv. hors·i·ness n.

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horseygorsy, horsey, saucy •normalcy • schmaltzy •discordancy, mordancy •Orczy • mousy • bouncy • viscountcy •paramountcy • folksy • potency •Debussy, goosey, juicy, Lucy, Senussi, Watusi •lucency, translucency •cutesy, rootsy •pussy •booksy, look-see •Abruzzi, footsie, tootsie, Tutsi •Sadducee •fussy, hussy, mussy •fubsy • Dulcie • gutsy • bankruptcy

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Horsey ★★ 1999

Young Delilah makes no apologies for any of her passions—those of her art or the men or women she chooses to love. Then she starts a relationship with volatile Ryland Yale, a rock ‘n' roller with a heroin addiction who still manages to fill all Delilah's emotional and physical needs. But is Delilah ready to deal with what Ryland will cost her? 93m/C VHS, DVD . Holly Ferguson, Todd Kerns, Ryan Robbins, Victoria Deschanel; D: Kirsten Clarkson; W: Kirsten Clarkson; C: Glen Winter; M: Helen Keller.