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Nuneaton and Bedworth (nənē´tən), district (1991 pop. 115,300), Warwickshire, central England. The district primarily comprises the city of Nuneaton and the town of Bedworth. The district's growth was based on coal mining. Its manufactures include electronics and textiles; there is also a distribution services industry. Nuneaton is located at a railroad junction, which aided to the growth of industry. There are remains of the 12th-century nunnery that gave Nuneaton its name. George Eliot was born within the district at Arbury.

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Bedworth (bĕd´wərth), town (1991 pop. 41,991), Warwickshire, central England. Located in a former coal-mining region, it is a residential and industrial town in the district of Nuneaton and Bedworth. Brickmaking is the major economic activity. George Eliot was born nearby at Arbury.