Bedregal de Conitzer, Yolanda (1918–)

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Bedregal de Conitzer, Yolanda (1918–)

Yolanda Bedregal de Conitzer (b. 21 September 1918), Bolivian poet, novelist, and artist. Probably the best-known Bolivian female poet, Bedregal is called simply "Yolanda of Bolivia." She has received the most prestigious literary awards of Bolivia, among them, the Erich Guttentag National Prize for her novel Bajo el oscuro sol (1971). Her poetry covers a variety of themes and styles, but its most prominent characteristic is a special sensibility for childhood—she has written several books of poetry for children. Another very important subject in her writing is the land and native people of Bolivia. Although at times Bedregal casts the Indian in a romantic light, she grasps the spirit of Indian culture (especially Aymara culture). In her latest poetry, such as the collection Nadir (1950), strongly religious (even mystical) motifs are evident.

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Despite her importance to Bolivian literature, very few critical works have been published about Bedregal. For a general survey see Majorie Agosin, "Para un retrato de Yolanda Bedregal," Revista iberoamericana 52, no. 134 (1986): 267-270.

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Bedregal de Conitzer, Yolanda (1918–)

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