the Grampians

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Grampians Mountain range in n central Scotland. It is the highest mountain system in Britain, running swne between Glen More and the Scottish Lowlands. Rivers rising in the Grampians include the Spey and Findhorn (flowing n), the Don and Dee (flowing e), and the Tay and Forth (flowing s). Highest peak: Ben Nevis, 1343m (4406ft).

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the Grampians, or Grampian Mountains, highest mountain system of Great Britain, extending northeast to southwest along the southern fringe of the Highlands, central Scotland. Ben Nevis (4,406 ft/1,343 m) is the tallest peak. The scenic Grampians, extensively forested, have many lakes and contain the headwaters of many of Scotland's rivers. Numerous hydroelectric power plants are found there. The Grampians are a popular vacation area.