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Ḥāl (Arab., ‘state’, ‘inner condition’; pl. aḥwāl). Among Sūfīs̄, those thoughts and conditions which come upon the heart without intention or desire, such as sorrow, fear, pleasure, ecstasy, anger, or even lust. In their religious forms, they are such states, in relation to God, as confidence, peace, love, attentiveness, nearness, certitude.

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HalAl, bacchanal, cabal, canal, Chagall, Chantal, chaparral, gal, grand mal, Guadalcanál, Hal, La Salle, mall, Natal, pal, pall-mall, petit mal, sal, shall, Val •Iqbal • Parsifal • mescal • decal •caracal • Amytal • Nembutal •Pentothal

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A Moslem term meaning "now," given to a condition of mystical ecstasy often involving violent physical activity, such as wild dancing, shouting, or even foaming at the mouth. Hal sometimes ensues when extremely devout and emotional Moslems visit the grave of a famous saint.

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