Adams Peak

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Adam's Peak. Śrī Pada. Sacred mountain in Śri Lankā, at the top of which (a place of pilgrimage) a hollow shape is identified by adherents of the relevant religions as the footprint of Adam, the Buddha, Śiva, or the apostle Thomas.

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Adam's Peak, Sinhalese Sri Padastanaya and Samanaliya, mountain, 7,360 ft (2,243 m) high, S central Sri Lanka. It is a sacred mountain, famous as a goal of pilgrimage for Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims. On its summit is a large flat rock that bears the impression of a gigantic (c.10 sq ft/.93 sq m) human foot. This stone footprint is regarded as Buddha's by Buddhists, Shiva's by Hindus, and Adam's by Muslims, who believe this to be the site of Adam's fall from Paradise.