Mount Kenya

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Mount Kenya, or Mount Kirinyaga, extinct volcano, central Kenya, just south of the equator. Its highest peak, Batian, reaches 17,058 ft (5,199 m), making Mt. Kenya the highest mountain in Africa after Kilimanjaro. In the heart of Kikuyu country, Mt. Kenya was a focal point during the Mau Mau disturbances (1952–56). The Kikuyu, Meru, and Embu people cultivate Mt. Kenya's fertile lower slopes. From 5,000 to 15,000 ft (1,524–4,572 m) are dense woodlands inhabited by elephants, buffalo, and leopards. Snowcapped Mt. Kenya has several glaciers in its uppermost regions. The national park is located there and Mt. Kenya attracts many mountain climbers from around the world.

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Kenya, Mount Extinct volcanic mountain in central Kenya. The second highest mountain in Africa, it was first climbed in 1899. It consists of three peaks, the highest of which is Batian, rising to 5,200m (17,058ft).