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a·wash / əˈwôsh; əˈwäsh/ • adj. covered or flooded with water, esp. seawater or rain: the boat rolled violently, its decks awash | fig. the city was awash with journalists. ∎  level with the surface of water, esp. the sea, so that it just washes over: a rock awash outside the reef entrance.

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awashawash, Boche, Bosch, bosh, brioche, cloche, cohosh, cosh, dosh, Foch, galosh, gosh, josh, mosh, nosh, posh, quash, slosh, splosh, squash, swash, tosh, wash •kibosh •mackintosh, McIntosh •backwash • car wash • brainwash •wish-wash •eyewash, Siwash •limewash • whitewash • hogwash •mouthwash • musquash

views updated

awash XIX. f. A-1 + WASH.

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