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in·ner / ˈinər/ • adj. 1. situated inside or further in; internal: an inner courtyard the inner thigh. ∎  close to the center: the inner solar system. ∎  close to the center of power: the inner cabinet. 2. mental or spiritual: a test of inner strength. ∎  (of thoughts or feelings) private and not expressed or discernible. • n. the inner part of something: using his rock shoes as inners for his double boots. ∎  (in archery and shooting) a division of the target next to the bull’s-eye. ∎  a shot that strikes this. DERIVATIVES: in·ner·ly adv. ( poetic/lit. ). in·ner·ness n. ( poetic/lit. ).

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innerbeginner, Berliner, Corinna, dinner, grinner, inner, Jinnah, sinner, skinner, spinner, thinner, winner •echidna •Krishna, Mishnah, Ramakrishna •vintner • prisoner • Pilsner •Kitchener • Modena • bargainer •imaginer •Elinor, Helena •milliner •examiner, stamina •epiphenomena, phenomena, prolegomena •alumina, noumena, numina •determiner •mariner, submariner •foreigner • larcener • Porsena •patina • retina • Pristina •Herzegovina • breadwinner •prizewinner •angina, assigner, china, consignor, decliner, definer, Dinah, diner, diviner, forty-niner, hardliner, incliner, Indo-China, liner, maligner, Medina, miner, minor, mynah, recliner, refiner, Regina, Salina, Shekinah, shiner, signer, South Carolina, Steiner, twiner, vagina, whiner •headliner • jetliner • airliner •mainliner • eyeliner • moonshiner •Landsteiner • Niersteiner •Liechtensteiner

views updated

inner OE. inner(r)a, in(n)ra = OHG. innaro, -ero (G. innere), ON. innri, iðri; compar. f. IN1 (adv.); see -ER3.
Hence innermost XV.

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