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woe / / • n. often humorous great sorrow or distress: they had a complicated tale of woe. ∎  (woes) things that cause sorrow or distress; troubles: to add to his woes, customers have been spending less.PHRASES: woe betide someone (or woe to someone) used humorously to warn someone that they will be in trouble if they do a specified thing: woe betide anyone wearing the wrong color!woe is me! an ironical or humorous exclamation of sorrow or distress.


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A. int. and adv. as excl. of distress or grief (with dative) OE.;

B. sb. (arch.) misery, misfortune XII;

C. adj. grieved, wretched XII. OE. (also wǣ), corr. to OS., MLG. , (M)Du. wee, OHG. (G. weh), ON. vei, vǣ, Goth. wai; cf. Gr. , L. , W. gwae.
Hence woeful XIII.