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A spirit control of William Stainton Moses, supposed to be a member of the Mystic Band that delivered occult teaching in Moses's scripts. "Magus" did not disclose his name on Earth, but he said that he lived 4,000 years ago and belonged to an ancient African wonder-working brotherhood. In the nineteenth book of the Moses scripts, a topaz is mentioned as the material counterpart of a spiritual jewel worn by "Magus," which was to be given to Stainton Moses to help him to see visions. The stone, set in a ring, was reportedly dropped from the air in Stainton Moses's bedroom.


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magushorrendous, stupendous, tremendous •Barbados • Indus • solidus • Lepidus •Midas, nidus •Aldous • Judas • Enceladus • exodus •hazardous • Dreyfus • Josephus •Sisyphus • typhus • Dollfuss •amorphous, anthropomorphous, polymorphous •rufous, Rufus •Angus • Argus •Las Vegas, magus, Tagus •negus •anilingus, cunnilingus, dingus, Mingus •bogus •fungous, fungus, humongous •anthropophagous, oesophagus (US esophagus), sarcophagus •analogous •homologous, tautologous •Areopagus • asparagus •Burgas, Fergus, Lycurgus •Carajás • frabjous •advantageous, contagious, courageous, outrageous, rampageous •egregious •irreligious, litigious, prestigious, prodigious, religious, sacrilegious •umbrageous • gorgeous

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A master magician or adept. The Magi, or magicians (plural form of Magus ), were the "wise men" of the ancient Persian priesthood. It is noted in the Christian New Testament that three magi brought gifts to the infant Jesus. In the later tradition they were given namesKaspar, Melchior, and Balthasarand their bones are said to rest in Cologne Cathedral, Germany.

The term Magus is also used in magical societies like the Golden Dawn to indicate one of its highest grades, between the master of the temple and the ipsissimus.


King, Francis. The Rites of Modern Occult Magic. New York: Macmillan, 1970.

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ma·gus / ˈmāgəs/ • n. (pl. ma·gi / ˈmāˌjī/ ) a member of a priestly caste of ancient Persia. See also Magi. ∎  a sorcerer.

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magus a member of a priestly caste in ancient Persia (of Akkadian or Median origin), which through its official status in western Iran became the principal protagonist of Zoroastrianism. The term was then extended to denote a person skilled in eastern magic and astrology; a magician or sorcerer.

See also Magi.

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magus (in pl. magi) the ‘wise men’ who came ‘from the East’ to worship the child Jesus (Matt. 2: 1) XIV; member of an ancient Persian preistly caste XVI. — L. — Gr. mágos — OPers. maguš.
Also anglicized mage wise man, magician. XIV. Hence magian XVI.

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