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abyssabyss, amiss, bis, bliss, Chris, Diss, hiss, kiss, Majlis, miss, piss, reminisce, sis, Swiss, this, vis •dais •Powys, prowess •loess, Lois •Lewes, lewis •abbess • ibis •Anubis, pubis •cannabis • arabis • duchess • purchase •caddis, Gladys •Candice •Sardis, Tardis •vendace • Charybdis •bodice, goddess •demigoddess • Aldiss • jaundice •de profundis • prejudice • hendiadys •cowardice • stewardess • preface •Memphis • aphis • edifice • benefice •orifice • artifice • office •surface, surface-to-surface •undersurface • haggis • aegis •burgess •clerkess, Theodorákis •Colchis

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a·byss / əˈbis/ • n. a deep or seemingly bottomless chasm: a rope led down into the dark abyss.. ∎ fig. a wide or profound difference between people: the abyss between the two nations. ∎ fig. the regions of hell conceived of as a bottomless pit.

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abyss XVI. — late L. abyssus — Gr. ábussos unfathomable (sb. use).

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