Roman gods of mythology

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Roman gods of mythology

Apollo: God of the Sun

Aurora: Goddess of the dawn

Bacchus: God of wine

Bellona: Goddess of war

Ceres: Goddess of agriculture

Cupid: God of love

Diana: Goddess of fertility, hunting, and the Moon

Faunus: God of prophecy

Flora: Goddess of flowers

Janus: God of gates and doors

Juno: Goddess of marriage and women

Jupiter: Supreme god and god of the sky

Lares: Gods of the household and descendants

Libitina: Goddess of funerals

Maia: Goddess of growth and increase

Mars: God of war

Mercury: Messenger god; god of commerce

Minerva: Goddess of wisdom, the arts, and trades

Mithras: God of the Sun, light and regeneration

Neptune: God of the sea

Ops: Goddess of fertility

Pales: Goddess of flocks and shepherds

Pluto: God of the Underworld

Pomona: Goddess of fruit trees and fruit

Proserpine: Goddess of the Underworld

Saturn: God of seed time and harvest

Venus: Goddess of beauty and love

Vertumnus: God of the seasons

Vesta: Goddess of the hearth

Vulcan: God of fire


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Juno In Roman mythology, the principal female deity and consort of Jupiter, depicted as a statuesque, matronly figure.