Barnardo, Thomas John

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Barnardo, Thomas John (1845–1905). Philanthropist. During the protestant religious revival in Dublin in 1862, Barnardo gave up his job to devote his time to evangelizing work. In 1866 he entered the London Hospital as a missionary medical student and visited slums where he was saddened by the number of homeless and neglected children. Barnardo abandoned his plans to go to China as a missionary in order to help them. On 15 July 1867 he founded the East End Juvenile Mission for the care of sick and destitute children. Under the patronage of Lord Shaftesbury he opened a boys' home at 18 Stepney Causeway, later followed by a series of similar houses known as ‘Dr Barnardo's Homes’. In 1876 he started the Girls' Village Home in Barkingside (Essex). In 1882 he began sending children to Canada for training and resettlement. His work expanded both at home and in Canada and before his death he had rescued 59,384 children and assisted as many as 500,000.

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Barnardo, Thomas John

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Barnardo, Thomas John (1845–1905) British philanthropist who founded the Dr Barnardo homes for destitute children, b. Ireland. In 1867, he founded the East End Mission for orphan children, the first of his famous homes. These homes spread rapidly throughout the UK and still flourish today.

Barnardo, Thomas John

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Barnardo, Thomas John (1845–1905), Irish-born doctor and philanthropist. He founded the East End Mission for destitute children in 1867, the first of many such homes. Now known as Dr Barnardo's Homes, they cater chiefly for those with physical and mental disabilities.

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