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Gell, Sir William (1777–1836). English archaeologist and antiquarian. His publications include Topography of Troy (1804), Geography and Antiquities of Ithaca (1807), Itinerary of Greece (1810), Itinerary of the Morea (1817), and other works. With John Peter Gandy (later Deering) he published Pompeiana (1817), and later (1832) Pompeiana: the Topography, Ornaments, etc., showing the results of excavations at Pompeii since 1819. His work is of particular interest because he drew the excavations and artefacts with the aid of a camera lucida, so the images are remarkably accurate. His work influenced late Neo-Classicism, the Neo-Grec style, and many designers, e.g. Owen Jones.


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Sir William Gell (gĕl), 1777–1836, English archaeologist. He served as chamberlain to Caroline, consort of the prince of Wales (later George IV), and accompanied her to Italy in 1814. His original drawings of classical ruins are in the British Museum. Among his works, which he illustrated, are Topography of Troy (1804) and Topography of Rome (1834).