Paley, Edward Graham

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Paley, Edward Graham (1823–95). English architect, a pupil of Edmund Sharpe (1809–77), with whom he was in practice 1845–51 as Sharpe & Paley. From 1851 he practised as E. G. Paley, and in 1868 the firm became Paley & Austin when he took Hubert James Austin (1841–1915) into partnership. In 1896, when Harry Anderson Paley (1859–1946) joined the firm, it became Paley, Austin, & Paley, and from 1895 it was called Austin & Paley. Henry Austin (1865–1946) became a partner in 1914, and the firm then was called Austin, Paley, & Austin until 1915, when it was named Austin & Paley. In its various guises this firm was one of the most distinguished English architectural practices of the time, specializing in work for the Anglican Church in the North and the North Midlands. It tended to follow Bodley & Garner's rich late-Second Pointed and early Perp. English Gothic Revival style. Its masterpiece is St George's, Buxton Road, Stockport, Ches. (1893–7).


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