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Clement male forename, name of two saints.
St Clement of Alexandria (c.150–c.215), Greek theologian. He was head of the catechetical school at Alexandria (c.190–202), but was forced to flee from Roman imperial persecution. His main contribution to theological scholarship was to relate the ideas of Greek philosophy to the Christian faith. His feast day is 5 December.
St Clement of Rome (1st century ad), pope (bishop of Rome) c.88–c.97, probably the third after St Peter; he wrote an epistle c.96 to the Church at Corinth, insisting that certain deposed presbyters be reinstated.

In later tradition he became the subject of a variety of legends; one held that he was martyred by being thrown into the sea with an anchor round his neck. His feast day is 23 November.

Clement of Rome, St

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Clement of Rome, St. Traditional third bishop of Rome, perhaps to be connected with the fellow worker of Paul (Philippians 4. 3). A letter from the Roman church to that of Corinth is ascribed to him and is known as 1 Clement.

A mass of other early Christian literature circulated under Clement's name. The most important are the Clementine Homilies and Recognitions (3rd–4th cents.).

Clement I, Saint

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Clement I, Saint (active late 1st century ad) ( Clement of Rome) Pope (c.88–97). His epistle to the Church at Corinth (c.96) stated the need for unity within the Church. He was executed for refusing to pledge allegiance to the Roman Emperor. His feast day is November 23.

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