Tomas de Iriarte

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Torquemada, Tomas de (1420–98). Grand Inquisitor in Spain. A Dominican, he joined the Inquisition in 1482, and was responsible for about 2,000 executions and for the expulsion of those Jews from Spain (in 1492) who refused baptism. His methods were summarized in the handbook, Instrucciones de la santa Inquisición (1484).

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Tomás de Iriarte (tōmäs´ dā ēryär´tā), 1750–91, Spanish poet and dramatist, b. Canary Islands. He spent most of his life in Madrid, where, like many of his contemporaries, he engaged in polemics, criticism, satire, and the translation of Latin and French works. Iriarte wrote several comedies of manners but is best known for his 76 Fábulas literarias [literary fables] (1782, tr. 1835), which earned him an international reputation as a wit and a moralist. Most of these deal with literary methods and style. The French fabulist Florian acknowledged a debt to Iriarte.