Hallé, Sir Charles

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Hallé, Sir Charles (1819–95). Conductor and pianist. Born in Hagen (Germany), Carl Hallé was a child prodigy, giving piano recitals and conducting operas at the age of 11. After a period in Paris, he settled in Manchester and in 1849 became conductor of the Gentlemen's Concerts. On 30 January 1858 the reconstituted Hallé Orchestra inaugurated a new series of concerts which soon became the centre-piece of Manchester's musical life. Hallé conducted the orchestra until his death; he also appeared frequently as soloist and gave regular London recitals, gaining special acclaim for his interpretations of Beethoven's sonatas. Although a conductor of determination, he was a man of charm and humour. In 1893 he was appointed principal of the new Royal Manchester College of Music. The Hallé Orchestra has continued to the present day, gaining particular renown under the conductorship of Sir John Barbirolli (1943–70).

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Hallé, Sir Charles

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Hallé, Sir Charles (1819–95) British conductor and pianist, b. Germany. In 1857 he formed a symphony orchestra in Manchester, England, which subsequently became the Hallé Orchestra. In 1893 he was a founder of the Royal Manchester College of Music.

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