Cornelius, Peter

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Cornelius, Peter

Cornelius, Peter , important German composer and writer on music; b. Mainz, Dec. 24, 1824; d. there, Oct. 26, 1874. A nephew of the painter Peter von Cornelius, he at first became an actor, but after an unsuccessful debut, changed his mind; he studied theory with Dehn at Berlin (1845–52) and then joined Liszt’s following in Weimar as a champion of Wagner, contributing frequent articles to the Neue Zeitschrift für Musik. His masterpiece, the opera Der Barbier von Bagdad, was premiered at Weimar (Dec. 15, 1858) under the direction of Liszt, who resigned his position there because of hostile demonstrations while he was conducting the opera. In 1861 Cornelius went to Wagner at Vienna, and followed him to Munich (1865), where he was appointed reader to King Ludwig II, and prof. of harmony and rhetoric at the Royal Music School. A second opera, Der Cid, was premiered at Weimar on May 21, 1865; a third, Gunlod (from the Edda), remained unfinished (completed by Lassen and premiered at Weimar, May 6, 1891). Der Barbier von Bagdad was revived at Karlsruhe on Feb. 1, 1884, in a drastically altered version by Mottl. Cornelius publ. Lieder-Cyclus (op.3), duets for Soprano and Baritone (op.6), Weihnachtslieder (op.8), and Trauerchore for Men’s Chorus (op.9). A vol. of Lyrische Poesien was issued in 1861. A complete ed. of Cornelius’s works was issued by Breitkopf & Hartel (1905–06).


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire

Cornelius, Peter

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Cornelius, Peter (b Mainz, 1824; d Mainz, 1874). Ger. composer and writer. His delightful comic opera Der Barbier von Bagdad was produced by Liszt at Weimar, 1858, but controversy caused by Cornelius's advocacy of the Liszt–Wagner ‘New Music’ led to its withdrawal and to Liszt's resignation as court cond. Trans. some Berlioz libs., incl. Benvenuto Cellini, into Ger. Lived in Vienna 1859–65, meeting Wagner in 1861. Prof. of harmony, Munich Cons., 1867, and became one of Wagner's inner circle. Wrote 2 other operas, Der Cid (Weimar 1865) and Gunlöd (unfinished, completed by Bausznern, prod. 1891). Wrote many beautiful vocal works incl. Stabat Mater (1849) and Requiem (1863–72), and songs incl. the Christmas hymn known in Eng. as ‘Three Kings from Persian Lands afar’ but orig. Die Könige from the Weihnachtslieder (1856).