Charles Martin Loeffler

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Charles Martin Loeffler (lĕf´lər), 1861–1935, American composer and violinist, b. Alsace, France; he studied in Kiev, Berlin, and Paris. In 1881 he emigrated to the United States, and from 1882 until 1903 he shared with Franz Kneisel the position of first violinist and soloist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. His Pagan Poem (1906) for orchestra shows the influence of French impressionism, but it also reflects an attempt to evoke the style of ars antiqua. Other works include Memories of My Childhood (1925), for orchestra, inspired by Russian folk music. He also wrote chamber music and choral works.

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Loeffler, Charles (Martin Tornow) (b Mulhouse, Alsace, 1861; d Medfield, Mass., 1935). Alsatian-Amer. composer and violinist. Son of writer whose pseudonym was Tornow. Played in private orch. In 1881 went to USA, becoming deputy leader Boston SO, 1882, staying until 1903, after which he concentrated on comp. Works, which reflect Fr. impressionist techniques, incl. 3 operas, sym.-poems, choral settings (incl. Whitman's Beat! Beat! Drums!), chamber mus., and songs. Many unpub. pieces.