Arundel, Thomas Howard, 14th earl of

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Arundel, Thomas Howard, 14th earl of (1585–1646). Howard's father was a catholic convert and spent the last eleven years of his life in the Tower, where he died in 1595. Howard was restored to the title by James I in 1604, received the Garter in 1611, and converted back to protestantism in 1615. In 1621 he was made earl marshal for life. In 1639 he was put in charge of the army to restore order among the Scots, but since the campaign ended without fighting, his military qualities were not tested. He was lord steward 1640–1 and presided over the trial of Strafford. He escorted Princess Mary to Holland in 1642, was created earl of Norfolk in 1644, and died at Padua in 1646. Clarendon disliked him, finding him pompous and self-interested. He was also disparaging about Howard's pretensions to learning—‘willing to be thought a scholar’—but Howard was an assiduous collector of works of art and a patron of men of scholarship.

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Thomas Howard earl of Arundel

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