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Mnesicles (fl. 437–420 BC). Athenian architect of the time of Pericles (460–429 BC), he designed the monumental Doric Propylaea, or entrance-gate to the Acropolis (437–432 BC). It was a precedent for numerous Neo-Classical gates, including Langhans's Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, and von Klenze's Propyläen, Munich. Mnesicles has been credited with the design of the stoa of Zeus Eleutherios (c.430 BC) in the north-west corner of the agora in Athens, which had projecting wings at each end, and his name has also been associated with the Erechtheion (421–405 BC), but the evidence is lacking.


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views updated

Mnesicles (nĕs´Ĭklēz), Greek architect, 5th cent. BC He designed the propylaea, and the Erechtheum is also sometimes ascribed to him. Both are on the acropolis at Athens.