Gwathmey, Charles

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Gwathmey, Charles (1938– ). American architect, identified as one of the New York Five. He established (1966) a practice with Richard Henderson in NYC, later (1971) forming a partnership with Robert Siegel. Most of his best works are private houses (e.g. Gwathmey House, Amagansett (1965–7), Steel House, Bridgehampton (1968–9), Cogan House, East Hampton (1971–2), De Menil House, East Hampton (1979–84), all NY, and the Garey House, Kent, CT (1982–3) ). Larger projects include East Campus Housing and Academic Center, Columbia University, NY (1976–81), Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA (1989–90), Disney World Convention Center, Orlando, FL (1990–1), and the Guggenheim Museum Extension and Refurbishment, NYC (1991–2). The Gwathmey/Siegel design for the Chen Residence, Taipei, Taiwan (1992–4), is a distillation of the Modernist architectural vocabulary.


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