Thomas Pritchard Rossiter

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London Philharmonic Orchestra. Founded by Sir Thomas Beecham in 1932 as his answer to BBC SO, with several superb players, e.g. Paul Beard (vn.), George Stratton (vn.), Anthony Pini (vc.), Gerald Jackson (fl.), Leon Goossens (ob.), Reginald Kell (cl.), Gwydion Holbrooke (bn.), and Marie Goossens (hp.). No connection with Phil. Soc. First concert, Queen's Hall, London, 7 Oct. 1932. Toured Ger. 1936. Toured Far East 1969 (cond. Pritchard), China 1973 (cond. Pritchard). Self-governing from 1939. Prin. conds.: Sir Adrian Boult (1951–7); William Steinberg (1958–62); John Pritchard (1962–7); Bernard Haitink (1967–79); Sir Georg Solti (1979–83); Klaus Tennstedt (1983–7); Franz Welser-Möst 1990–6; Kurt Masur from 2000. CG opera 1933–9. Glyndebourne Opera from 1964.

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