Boult, (Sir) Adrian (Cedric)

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Boult, (Sir) Adrian (Cedric) (b Chester, 1889; d Hampstead, 1983). Eng. conductor. Came into prominence 1918–19 with outstanding perfs. of works by Elgar, Vaughan Williams, and Holst, all of whom became close friends. Teaching staff RCM 1919–30. Cond. London season of Diaghilev ballet and operas at Empire Th., 1919. Toured Eur. introducing Brit. mus. to foreign audiences. Championship of Eng. composers was dominant but not exclusive element in his career. Cond., CBSO 1924–30. Appointed mus. dir., BBC, 1930–42, and chief cond., BBC SO, 1931–50 (cond. f. Brit. p. of Mahler's 3rd Sym., BBC studio broadcast 1947.) Prin. cond. LPO 1951–7. Guest cond. of world's leading orchs. Returned to RCM staff 1962–6. Cond. of Holst's The Planets (1918); Vaughan Williams's A Pastoral Symphony (1922), 4th sym. (1935), and 6th sym. (1948); Bliss's Music for Strings (1935, his Salzburg Fest. début); Tippett's 2nd sym. (1958); and of many other works by Brit. composers. Also f. Eng. ps. of Berg's Wozzeck (1934, concert) and Busoni's Dr. Faust (1937, concert). Author of handbook on conducting and of autobiography My Own Trumpet (London, 1973). Knighted 1937. CH 1969. Retired 1979.

Boult, Sir Adrian

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Boult, Sir Adrian (1889–1983) English conductor, widely known for his interpretation of early 20th-century English composers, such as Elgar, Holst and Vaughan Williams. He was musical director and principal conductor of the BBC Symphony Orchestra (1930–50), and principal conductor of the London Philharmonic Orchestra (1950–57).

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