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Dimitrie A. Sturza: (both: dēmē´trēyĕ stŏŏr´dzə), 1833–1914, Romanian statesman, of a prominent Moldavian family. With Ion Bratianu and Constantin Rosetti he helped bring about the abdication of Prince Alexander John Cuza in 1886 and established Carol I as his successor. After Bratianu's death (1891), Sturza was the recognized head of the National-Liberal party. Between 1895 and 1909, he was often premier of Romania and forwarded the economic and intellectual progress of his nation. As secretary of the Romanian Academy of Sciences he edited a collection of Romanian historical sources (10 vol., 1889–1909).

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Pikionis, Dimitris A. (1887–1968). Greek architect who had a considerable influence on contemporary Greek architecture. His work included the Experimental School, University of Salonika (1933–5), a design for the Hotel Xenia, Delphi (1953), the Town Hall, Volos (1961), and St Paul's Church, Ethniki, Estia (1960–8). He designed a number of tombs, but is probably best known for his master-plan and landscape-design for the Acropolis, Athens (1950–7).


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