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Bonnet, Joseph (Élie Georges Marie)

Bonnet, Joseph (Élie Georges Marie), eminent French organist, pedagogue, and composer; b. Bordeaux, March 17, 1884; d. Ste. Luce-sur-Mer, Quebec, Aug. 2, 1944. He studied with his father, organist at Ste. Eulalie; at the age of 14, he was appointed regular organist at St. Nicholas, and soon after at St. Michel; entered the class of Guilmant at the Paris Cons, and graduated with first prize. In 1906 he won the post of organist at St. Eustache over many competitors. After extensive tours on the Continent and in England, he became organist of the Concerts du Conservatoire as successor to Guilmant in 1911, which position he retained until 1939. He made his American debut in N.Y (Jan. 30, 1917), followed by successful tours of the U.S. In 1940 he fled France and went to the U.S., finally settling in Quebec as a teacher at the Cons. He wrote many pieces for his instrument, and ed. for publication all the works played in his series of N.Y. concerts as Historical Organ Recitals (6 vols.); also publ, an anthology of early French organ music (N.Y., 1942).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire

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Bonnet, Joseph (Élie Georges Marie) (b Bordeaux, 1884; d nr. Quebec, 1944). Fr. organist and composer. Org., of St Eustache, Paris, from 1906. Toured widely in Europe and Amer. Org. comps. have wide popularity.

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