Norfolk, Thomas Mowbray, 1st duke of

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Norfolk, Thomas Mowbray, 1st duke of (1366–99). Mowbray was created earl of Nottingham on succeeding to his elder brother's lands in 1383, and received the title of earl marshal in 1386. He was one of the lords appellant who prosecuted Richard II's favourites in 1387–8. Subsequently he assisted Richard's despotic ambitions. In 1397 he arrested the duke of Gloucester and murdered him at Calais, and was one of the eight lords who indicted the king's victims in Parliament. His ducal title in 1397 was a reward, as was a share of the forfeitures. Soon afterwards Norfolk was accused of treason by Henry (later Henry IV), duke of Hereford; in consequence, both dukes were exiled. Norfolk died in Venice.

R. L. Storey

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Thomas Mowbray 1st duke of Norfolk

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