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Thomas Fairfax Fairfax of Cameron, 3d Baron, 1612–71, English general. He was the son of Ferdinando Fairfax, 2d Baron Fairfax of Cameron (1584–1648), whose title he inherited and under whom he fought in the early stages of the English civil war. In 1645 he was given command of the New Model Army, which he organized and trained and led to victory against Charles I at Naseby. Fairfax was conservative by nature, and when the quarrel developed between the army and Parliament he exercised little influence over army policies. Nominated as a judge of Charles I, he resigned when he realized the king's execution was predetermined. He resigned (1650) his command rather than invade Scotland, withdrew from public life during the Protectorate, and played some part in securing the Restoration (1660) of the monarchy.

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Fairfax of Cameron, Thomas, 3rd Baron (1612–71) Parliamentary commander in the English Civil War. He succeeded Essex as commander-in-chief (1645), but in 1650 he refused to march against the Scots, and was replaced by Oliver Cromwell. He later headed the commission to the Hague to arrange the Restoration of Charles II (1660).

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