Mackenzie, Sir George

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Mackenzie, Sir George (1636–91). ‘Bloody Mackenzie’ was a nephew of the 2nd earl of Seaforth [S], briefly secretary of state [S] to Charles II in exile. A lawyer by profession, he opposed the rule of Lauderdale at first but in 1677 was appointed king's advocate [S]. In this capacity he harassed the covenanters, particularly after the skirmish at Bothwell Bridge in 1679. He rated his services to the crown highly and is reported to have boasted that he deserved a statue riding behind Charles II's in Parliament Square. His use of torture and his legal ingenuity earned him his nickname and the 1680s were known in covenanting circles as ‘the killing time’. He took no part in public life after the Glorious Revolution.

J. A. Cannon

Mackenzie, Sir George

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Mackenzie, Sir George. See Cromarty, 1st earl of.

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