Throckmorton, Sir Nicholas

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Throckmorton, Sir Nicholas (1516–71). Diplomat. Of gentry stock from Coughton Court (War.), Throckmorton was related to Catherine Parr, Henry VIII's last wife, and joined her household. From 1545 until 1563 he was in most parliaments and was in favour during the reign of Edward VI, being a zealous supporter of the reformed religion. In Mary's reign he was accused of complicity in Wyatt's rebellion but was acquitted: he did not serve in Mary's parliaments of 1555 or 1558. With the accession of Elizabeth, Throckmorton's career prospered and he represented her at the court of France (helping to negotiate the treaty of Troyes). He was next employed in Scottish affairs but his sympathy for Mary, queen of Scots, caused him to fall into disfavour. His reputation as a ‘machiavellist’ and his equivocal conduct at the accession of Mary may have led to mistrust and he did not achieve high office.

J. A. Cannon

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