Percy, Sir Henry

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Percy, Sir Henry (1364–1403) English noble, known as ‘Hotspur’ for his zeal in guarding the Scottish-English border. Son of the Earl of Northumberland, he supported the deposition of Richard II in 1299, but later quarrelled with the new king, Henry IV. In 1403 Percy and his father, in alliance with Owain Glyn Dw̧r, launched a rebellion. They were defeated at Shrewsbury, w England, where Percy was killed.


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Hotspur archaic term for a rash or reckless person; first recorded and best known as, the nickname of Henry Percy (1364–1403), son of the Earl of Northumberland, who was killed in battle at Shrewsbury during a rebellion against Henry IV.


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Hotspur. See Percy, Henry.

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