John Hamilton 1st marquess of Hamilton

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Hallé Orchestra. Manchester's prin. sym. orch., founded 1858 by Charles Hallé, after success of series of orch. concerts at 1857 Art Treasures Exhibition. Hallé remained cond. (and proprietor and prin. pf. soloist) until death in 1895. In interregnum Frederic Cowen was cond. until 1899 when Hans Richter took up post offered to him in 1895. Concerts managed from 1898 by non-profit-making Hallé Concerts Soc. (today with considerable financial support from Arts Council, private patronage, and local govt.). Richter left in 1911 and was succeeded in 1912 by Michael Balling who remained until 1914. Then Hamilton Harty, 1920–33. Beecham was a frequent visitor 1933–40. Sargent was prin. cond. 1939–42. Orch. reconstituted 1943 on annual basis giving many more concerts and John Barbirolli was appointed cond., retaining post until his death in 1970. Succeeded by James Loughran 1971–83; Stanislaw Skrowaczewski 1984–92; Kent Nagano 1992–2000; Mark Elder from 2000. Among works f.p. by Hallé are Elgar's In the South (1904) and 1st Sym. (1908) and Vaughan Williams's 7th and 8th syms. (1953 and 1956). Orch. gives regular series in Sheffield and Bradford, tours throughout Britain, and has made many overseas tours.

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