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Henry Richard Vassall Fox Holland, 3d Baron, 1773–1840, British politician, nephew of Charles James Fox. He was a member of the Whig opposition party from 1797 and served as lord privy seal in the coalition ministry of 1806–7. An opponent of the Act of Union with Ireland (1801), he continually advocated its repeal, at the same time working for Catholic Emancipation. Although a loyal and active member he was never personally powerful in the Whig party. When the Whigs returned to power, he served as the chancellor of the duchy of Lancaster (1830–34, 1835–40). Lord Holland is, perhaps, best known for his influence on literature, politics, and letters through the hospitality that Holland House in London provided for the brilliant and distinguished people of his day. His son, the 4th baron, edited Holland's Foreign Reminiscences (1850) and Memoirs of the Whig Party (1852).

See L. Mitchell Holland House (1980).

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Holland, Henry Richard Vassall Fox, 3rd Baron (1773–1840). The nephew of Charles James Fox, whom he idolized and who formed his literary tastes and political principles, Holland travelled extensively in Europe, spoke several languages, and cherished wide connections in European ‘liberal’ circles. He ran away with the formidable Elizabeth, wife of Sir Godfrey Webster, and after her divorce they established at Holland House in Kensington a salon which became the centre of early 19th-cent. Whig society. He held office in 1806–7 as lord privy seal and 1830–4 as lord president of the council but was unfitted for a departmental post. He was a man of leisure, a noted bon viveur, and suffered badly from gout. Holland did much to smooth relationships in Whig society by his urbanity, and devoted himself to preserving the memory of his uncle, the defence of whose principles and reputation was the cornerstone of his life.

E. A. Smith

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