Huntly, George Gordon, 4th earl of

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Huntly, George Gordon, 4th earl of [S] (1513–62). Gordon's mother was an illegitimate daughter of James IV of Scotland. His father died when he was an infant and Gordon inherited the earldom from his grandfather when he was 11. He won a success against the English at Hadden Rigg in 1542, was a regent after the death of James V, but was defeated and captured by Somerset at Pinkie Cleugh in 1547. In 1546–9 he was chancellor [S] and again in 1561, but lost favour with Mary after her return from France. When she gave the earldom of Moray, which he claimed, to her illegitimate brother Lord James Stewart, Huntly rose in rebellion. His troops were defeated at Corrichie and he died immediately after the battle, being ‘gross, corpulent and of short breath’. His son was restored to favour, served as chancellor [S] 1565–7, and died 1576.

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George Gordon 4th earl of Huntly

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