Denis William Brogan

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Browne, (William Charles) Denis (b Leamington Spa, 1888; d Achi Baba, Turkey, death in action, 1915). Eng. composer and critic. Wrote mus. criticism for The Times, 1913–14, and New Statesman, 1914. His works incl. a ballet The Comic Spirit; God is Our Strength, unacc. ch. (1912); 2 Tennyson settings (Move Eastward, Happy Earth and The Snowdrop) (c.1909); and the songs Diaphenia (H. Constable) (1912), Epitaph on Salathiel Pavy (Jonson) (1913), To Gratiana Dancing and Singing (Lovelace) (1912–14), and Arabia (de la Mare) (1914).