Denis, Neil 1987–

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Denis, Neil 1987–

(Neil Dennis)


Born 1987, in the Seychelle Islands. Avocational Interests: Paintballing, video games, and snowboarding.

Addresses: Agent—GVA Talent Agency, 9229 Sunset Blvd., Suite 320, Hollywood, CA 90069.

Career: Actor.


Film Appearances:

Second audience kid, Spooky House, R.S. Entertainment, 2000.

Phillipe, Tribe of Joseph, Edge Entertainment, 2002.

Sudden, Fetching Cody, 2005.

Television Appearances; Series:

(As Neil Dennis) Additional voices, Robocop: Alpha Commando, syndicated, 1998.

Rya'c, Stargate SG-1, Showtime, 1997–98, Sci-Fi Channel, 2002–2004.

Voice of Spyke and Evan Daniels, X-Men: Evolution (animated), The WB, 2000–2001.

Robby Drake, 2030 CE, YTV and Showtime, 2002.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Dennis Branston, Living with the Dead (also known as Talking to Heaven), CBS, 2002.

Television Appearances; Movies:

George Hicks, A Call to Remember, Starz and Encore, 1997.

Will, The Inspectors, Showtime, 1998.

Patrick "Thork" Thorkelson, Golf Punks (also known as National Lampoon's "Golf Punks"), Fox Family, 1998.

Michael Daniels, Max Q (also known as Max Q: Emergency Landing), ABC, 1998.

Kid, Big and Hairy, Showtime, 1998.

Leo, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, The Disney Channel, 1999.

Sean, Out of Time, Showtime, 2000.

Abdul, Pup, Frankie & Hazel (also known as Frankie & Hazel—Zwei Madchen starten durch), Showtime, 2000.

Hanson, Zolar, The WB, 2004.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Danny, "You Can Run …," University Hospital, syndicated, 1995.

The Catcher, "Home," The X Files (also known as The X-Files), Fox, 1996.

Carjacker kid number one, "Three Point Shot," The Sentinel, UPN, 1997.

Todd Erickson, "Chillogy: Part 1: Squeal of Fortune," Goosebumps (also known as Ultimate Goosebumps), Fox, 1998.

Todd Erickson, "Chillogy: Part 2: Strike Three … You're Doomed," Goosebumps (also known as Ultimate Goosebumps), Fox, 1998.

Todd Erickson, "Chillogy: Part 3: Escape from Karlsville," Goosebumps (also known as Ultimate Goosebumps), Fox, 1998.

Arthur John, "Winner Takes All," Dead Man's Gun, Showtime, 1998.

Michael Daniels, Max Q, ABC, 1998.

Morgan, "The Backstepper's Apprentice," Seven Days (also known as Seven Days: The Series), UPN, 2000.

Skater, "Mabus," First Wave, Sci-Fi Channel, 2000.

"Lonewolf," Freedom, UPN, 2000.