Charles James Haughey

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Charles James Haughey (hô´khē, –hē), 1925–2006, Irish politician. A successful accountant and real estate investor, he entered Parliament as a Fianna Fáil member in 1957. After holding a succession of ministerial positions in the 1960s, he was dismissed as minister of finance in 1970 for alleged gunrunning to the Irish Republican Army (IRA). He regained his party's favor and held the ministry of health and social welfare (1977–79) before becoming prime minister (1979–81, 1982, and 1987–92). In 1992 his political career came to an end when financial and wiretapping scandals forced his resignation as prime minister. After leaving office he continued to be dogged by accusations of financial impropriety, and ultimately agreed to pay taxes and fines of €5 million on money he had received in secret payments. He was also indicted on charges of obstructing justice, and an tribunal investigation reported posthumously (2006) that Haughey had accepted bribes.

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Haughey, Charles (1925– ) Irish statesman, prime minister (1979–81, 1982, 1987–92). A member of Fianna Fáil, Haughey entered Parliament in 1957. Dismissed from the cabinet in 1970 for alleged conspiracy in Irish Republican Army (IRA) gun-running, he was later acquitted. He retired in 1992.