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par·tic·u·lar / pə(r)ˈtikyələr/ • adj. 1. used to single out an individual member of a specified group or class: the action seems to discriminate against a particular group of companies. ∎  Logic denoting a proposition in which something is asserted of some but not all of a class. Contrasted with universal. 2. esp. great or intense: when handling or checking cash the cashier should exercise particular care. 3. insisting that something should be correct or suitable in every detail; fastidious: she is very particular about cleanliness. • n. 1. Philos. an individual item, as contrasted with a universal quality. 2. a detail: he is wrong in every particular. ∎  (particulars) detailed information about someone or something: a clerk took the woman's particulars. PHRASES: in particular especially (used to show that a statement applies to one person or thing more than any other): he socialized with the other young people, one boy in particular.

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particularampulla, bulla, fuller, Müller, pula, puller •titular • Weissmuller • wirepuller •incunabula, tabular •preambular • glandular • coagula •angular, quadrangular, rectangular, triangular •Dracula, facula, oracular, spectacular, vernacular •cardiovascular, vascular •annular, granular •scapula • capsular • spatula •tarantula • nebula • scheduler •calendula •irregular, regular •Benbecula, molecular, secular, specular •cellular • fibula • Caligula • singular •auricular, curricula, curricular, diverticula, funicular, lenticular, navicular, particular, perpendicular, testicular, vehicular, vermicular •primula •insular, peninsula •fistula, Vistula •globular •modular, nodular •binocular, jocular, ocular •oscular •copula, popular •consular • formula • tubular • uvula •jugular •avuncular, carbuncular •crepuscular, majuscular, minuscular, muscular •pustular •circular, semicircular, tubercular •Ursula

views updated

particular †partial; pert. to a single individual XIV; †private, personal XV; distinguished as an individual XVI; †bestowing marked attention XVII; attentive to details XIX; sb. †part, section; minute part; particular instance; item, detail XVI. ME. particuler — OF. particuler (mod. particulier) — L. particulāris, f. particula PARTICLE; see -AR; conformed to L. XVI.
Hence particularism XIX, particularist XVIII, particularly XIV. So particularity XVI. — (O)F. particularité or late L. particulāritās. particularize XVI. — F. particulariser.

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