Otis, Arthur

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Arthur Otis

American psychologist whose most enduring work was done in the field of group intelligence testing.

Arthur Otis was born in Denver, Colorado, and educated at Stanford University. He served on the faculty of Stanford University, and held various consulting and research positions at several U.S. government agencies. He was also an editor of tests in mathematics for an educational publishing company. Otis introduced and developed the Otis Group Intelligence Scale, which is considered to be the earliest scientifically reliable instrument for the intelligence testing of subjects in groups. First published in 1918, the Otis Group Intelligence Scale consisted of verbal and nonverbal items and became very widely used, especially in schools. The test was substantially revised by Roger Lennon, and continues to be used. Otis' books include: Statistical Method in Educational Measurement (1925), Modern School Arithmetic (1929), and Primary Arithmetic Through Experience (1939).

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